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Trattoria Dall’Oste among the 50 best steakhouses in the world

In the context of an increased attention by the world public for food, interest in restaurants has also increased, in particular for those that place meat at the center of their project. Product culture, research and selection of meats as well as obviously the ability to speak to the palate through different tastes and nuances of complex flavor are the elements that have made some of the Steakhouse located around the world highly appreciated.


Sector magazines and portals have therefore ventured into drawing up a ranking of the best steakhouses both at European and world level. Trattoria dall’Oste is among the 50 best steakhouses in Europe and the world according to Big7travel and it was also mentioned among the 15 best steakhouses in Italy by Agrodolce.


Big7travel, online portal created with the aim of suggesting destinations to discover for travelers from all over the world, has in fact included Trattoria Dall’Oste in the 50 best steakhouses in Europe in a ranking in which Germany stands out with four representatives.

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The same portal, which boasts important numbers on social networks (430,000 Instagram followers; 537,718 Fb) has included Trattoria dall’Oste also in the ranking of the 50 best steakhouses in the world; in this case, the USA is the most represented with 10 steakhouses included in the ranking.

Another reason for satisfaction was the inclusion of Trattoria Dall’Oste in the ranking of the best steakhouses in Italy compiled by Agrodolce, a food magazine that explores the world of food and gastronomy boasting an important following (30,000 Instagram followers; 747,859 Fb).


Florentine steak but not only: steakhouse is synonymous with research

When we speak of Steakhouse we are not simply referring to places that offer meat as the main product on the menu. The term “Steakhouse” itself means that research and selection represent its most important elements. The intent is to convey the culture of meat, which means having the aim of making the consumer more aware as possible about the importance of the whole chain from field to table, from the breeder who grows animals to the cook who transforms raw material.


The research on the origin of the meat, on the different cuts, on the different types of cooking are therefore the basis of a Steakhouse such as Trattoria dall’Oste which starts from the Bistecca alla Fiorentina, The Steak in Florence par excellence, to embark on a path of discovery and knowledge about meat. Exploring tastes and characteristic breeding methods that give rise to meats such as Miyazaki Wagyu or Japanese Kobe, as well as deepening the knowledge of the maturation methods of meat such as dry aging are the means by which to reaffirm the importance of food as a pivot element of our shared culture.